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The current Online News Site version is 2021-04-20.


Updates are as easy to install as copying the new files over the old. Do not delete any files before copying the new files over the old. Although the databases should be backed up regularly, there is no need to save the databases or the configuration file before an update or to convert data after an update.

Release notes

2021-04-20 - Increased the time registered subscribers have to verify their email.

2021-03-15 - Additional features for remote article contributors.

2019-12-07 - Speed improvement for advertising images.

2019-11-15 - Documentation improvements.

2019-02-22 - Less memory used by database maintenance programs.

2019-01-18 - Added to optional predefined menu items a number of specific contact forms.

2019-01-02 - Added a second alert for when a classified ad requires review.

2018-12-21 - EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance.

2018-12-18 - Consolidated the presentation of SEO and archive search results.

2018-11-29 - CSS style update.

2018-11-13 - Changed to interlaced images, enhanced archive search.

2018-10-08 - CSS style update.

2018-09-28 - Improved archive maintenance speed.

2018-05-11 - Added a one-third photo width option for things like headshots

2018-05-07 - Changed the miminum required PHP version from 5.3.7 to 5.5

2018-03-17 - More changes related to the change to 4K image resolution

2018-01-08 - Changed article images from HD to 4K resolution, changed from thumbnails in the news index to large images

2016-10-16 - Added hooks to custom programs (when found) in addition to the site menu

2016-10-01 - Enlarged thumbnails to four lines of text, expanded internal documentation

2016-09-21 - Added more information and error messages

2016-09-19 - Added standard procedures for custom programs and styles

2015-07-26 - Added alert messages in classified ad management

2015-07-21 - Added more image features and CSS

2015-05-31 - Initial release

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