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Services for evaluation through initial setup are at no charge. Fast, cost-effective development is the driving force behind open-source software. Yet users also benefit from more support options, which might include an in-house resource or a local resource on a part-time, as-needed basis.

Other options are direct from Online News Site, either as-needed or as a monthly subscription for support, feature collaboration and the installation of software updates. For educational and other not-for-profit organizations, ongoing services remain free. Service inquiries can be made below.

All fields in the form below are required except for the telephone number. Before the submitted information will be received, the e-mail address must be verified by following the link back to this site from an e-mail that will immediately be sent to the submitted address.

As an option to the form, voice mail can be left for Hardcover LLC at +1.971.259.8893 in the Pacific time zone (Oregon). Please leave the specifics requested below in the voice mail.

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