The news on any browsing device

The cell phone screen shots are from the example website. Since 2015, the majority of website visitors have used cell phones. When a phone is held in landscape position, a visible menu takes advantage of room for two columns, three columns on desktops.

When a phone is held in portrait position, the menu toggles between visible or hidden by tapping a menu button, hidden on wider screens.

Online News Site is free software released under the terms of the MIT License, with no limits on the number of articles, subscribers or the length of time the software can be used.

Can we take prior content with us?

Whatever the programming environment of the current website, it presents the HTML environment for visitors. Without the trouble of converting anything, the current web pages can be saved in the HTML format with the content indexed in a database for archive searches.

Also, PDF content can be indexed for archive searches and the PDFs made available for download.

The public website

Article layout is to established standards for quick and accurate reading. Article pages have buttons at the bottom for thumb navigation on cell phones.

The contact form, community calendar and classified ads are optionally available to all visitors.

A subscriber paywall can be turned on or off to make articles and archive search available to all or to only registered users.

Classified and commercial advertisements are supported with tailoring options for commercial ad placement and density.

Specified users of the public site can be allowed to contribute articles that transfer to the content management system.

The content management system

Sections, articles, photo essays, surveys, a community calendar, the menu and its contents are created in the content management system.

Menu items can be strictly informational or custom programs like payment forms.

Users are secured to only their area of responsibility.

Software updates will not overwrite databases, custom programs and CSS styles that observe the procedures and locations documented in the programs.

Developed in the web's most popular environment for the widest availability of support options, the program runs under Linux and Windows web hosts with PHP version 5.5 or newer and four extensions, gd2, mbstring, openssl and pdo_sqlite.